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Top Electronics that every person must have

1. Hard Drive

Most Singaporean own at least one computer and find that there is no enough internal hard drive space. External hard drive using a USB 3.0 is a faster and portable to carry, making it suitable for both education and business need.

Need extra space to store or back up your data? Get 4TB Seagate hard drive with 200GB cloud storage, only for about SGD 165 with a Free Shipping to Singapore!

2. Wi-Fi Smart Switch for controlling Electronics

Have you find Iron Man a cool and magical character? The Wi-Fi smart switch allows you to turn on/off the electronics appliances like lights, TV, air conditioners, computer, etc within your fingertips. Get the smart switch and control your energy consumption via Smartphones.

3. Wireless Smart LED Bulb - 80% Less Energy Consumption

Powerful man wants the control of everything. You can dim or highlight the bulbs through the setting in the mobile application and manage it like the way you want it.

Latest Electronics that you would love to buy

1. Magic Cube Laser Visual Projection Keyboard

The magic cube is a virtual keyboard that you can have wherever you are. It is so cool that you do not need to carry heavy physical keyboard anymore. Wanna Go Virtual, get your magic cube laser!

2. SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

With the Wi-Fi SkyBell, you would know who has come to your door, it lets you see, hear and speak to the visitor standing at the door on your Android or iOS.

3. Gaming Mouse

This is by no means an ordinary mouse, the tunable gaming mouse can elevate your game with programmable buttons, surface tuning calibration, and more.

4. Smart Locator with Voice for Kids

With this watch gadget, you also can locate your kids wherever they are.

5. Wireless Charger for All Smartphones

If you are too tired to get up and find the nearby switch board, you can get this cool ultra slim wireless charging for all smartphones.

6. Bluetooth Audio Sleep and Phone Head Mask

While you are traveling around or on your bed, you can listen to music.

7. Watch Twirler

Have you ever dreamed of wearing an unconventional wristwatch? This watch is trendy and unique.